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Congratulations on your book. It’s so heart touching and inspiring. I just can't say enough about it, but I know your outpour and your heart. I just hope it helps someone. It truly has taught me a lot on how to deal with loss. Thank you so much for having the courage to share your pain, your struggles, but foremost your "Comeback." Just remember, you’re never alone in the struggle.-Anonymous


Teneille, thank you for having the courage to share your story. So many of us have them, but we are too afraid to share. This is the most inspiring story for anyone who has lost someone and is fighting depression. Through it all, you found the Lord on the way up. Congratulations, you are my inspiration! -Georgia Blackmon


I read your wonderful book today. Praise God for your anointed hands to write your truth so that it may impact others’ lives for His purpose. I'm sorry for what you went through, and what you may be going through. There are many out there who need to hear your story and need to know they are not alone. They need to know that with God; they can overcome. God bless you, Shelley!


Your book is absolutely amazing! I received mine yesterday, and I’m already on chapter 4. You are blessing my life as you share some of my similar life stories! I can’t wait to finish it today and bless someone else with the book! You’re so strong, and the anointing on your life is evident! Have a great day! - Jessica   West Robinson


I’ve had this book since August but was just able to sit down and read it. I wish I had read it sooner. This book held my interest and once I started to read it, I did not put it down until I completed it. This book was very emotional and made me cry. I thank you for sharing your journey with us as this will help others going through similar situations. I wish I had this book to read when I was going through my depression to know that you are not alone. This book is very well-written, touching with raw emotions. I would recommend it to almost anyone. I think anyone can relate and more importantly learn from this book. - Nikia


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