• The importance of Self-care

    Hey you!

    It's about that time to check in with you to make sure you have been doing right by you. You may ask me what does doing right by you look like. I'll tell you as much as I can while I can. Before we get into the topic, I would like to start with some interaction between us. Please comment below whether you are working in any capacity. That could be either an 8-5 or your own business. After you provide the answer, I would like you to get a notebook and pen/pencil please. The subject is very important to me and may just save someone's life so get ready to take some good notes. 

    As a woman, you may look at self-care as superficial and cosmetic faculties that will not last such as getting our hair done, nails done, shopping, or a massage. However, self-care is deeper and more intrinsic than that. Girl, it's more than that fingernail polish that will eventually come off from that manicure (lol). Self-care is removing the external piece and focusing in on the internal such as your mental health. It is taking the initiative in saying, "You know, I'm not okay today." Whether you are perceived as the strong one or not, you too must let others know that you are a real human. When practicing self-care, please expect others to get upset as they will not know how to act or react when you tell them "No". There are moments when you need to be alone in order to breathe.

    Self-care can also mean speaking up for yourself. When others know that you are nice, sweet, and kind, they will manipulate certain situations to get what they want. So, what do you have to start doing? It's a must that you advocate for you. Do you find yourself getting mad at you when someone has overstepped their boundary in your life, and you sit there without doing anything? There is a time and place for everything. At times, I have struggled with commanding respect from others, and it hurts me in the end. If people can get away with not treating you right and you let them, they will continue to do it. All these examples relate to self-care.

    List 2 things that I did not place in this blog post that you will or can do to practice self-care. When you learn the importance of inner work, other things will fall into place.