Teneille's Inspirations, LLC 

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Strategic Mission

Our mission is to assist others in finding strategies to overcome

depression, negative thinking, and low self- esteem. We are

committed to focusing our attention on those who are our future. We 

welcome you to reach out for speaking engagements.



Teneille's Inspirations, LLC is a small business that finds joy in ministering to women who deal with depression, negative thinking, low self esteem, single parenting, and those who want a better prayer life. These women may have come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common. They have been through some type of hardship that has pushed them to take a deeper look into themselves to overcome their obstacles. Our vision is to teach women how to put a plan of action in place to reach the goals that is aligned with their kingdom assisgnment. In order to do this, these women need a strategic prayer life, parenting skills, and a focused mindset.


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