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Teneille Knight


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Teneille  has been writing for decades because "Words" mean something to her, and they create things. Words truly can either make you or break you. She uses her words to create books and content that transforms the lives of others. She  believes that writing can be a great tool when it comes to healing from the past, different traumas, and catastrophic memories that hold people hostage from being set free. If nothing else, her writing provokes a will and a desire to change.


God gave Teneille a desire to write a book more than a decade ago. In 2021,  she  published her book because she did not want another person to suffer from depression like she did. Teneille wanted her experience and story to pull someone else out of hell. She believes that her writing is a gift to this world from God. That is why she has chosen not to hide her gift but to share it with the world. Her desire is for others to come to Christ and heal one word at a time.


Teneille also has a program curated especially for Self-Published Authors who desire to have their book or books placed in libraries. She did not know that writing her book would lead to such a thing, until she took a step of faith. She went through the necessary steps  of the process to working with her local libraries. She has her book in four libraries. She would to love connect and chat with you if interested.







"Our Words Matter"