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Teneille Knight is the Author of Pushed on Purpose Living with depression, the creator of the A-Z Prompted Prayer Journal, and a Monthly Prayer booklet. She has been writing for decades because "words" mean something to her. Words spoken out can create things. She uses her words to create books and content that transforms the lives of others. She believes that writing can be a great tool when it comes to healing from the past, different traumas, and catastrophic memories that hold people hostage from being set free. If nothing else, her writing provokes a will and a desire to change.

Teneille wanted her story to pull someone else out of hell. She believes that her writing is a gift to this world from God. That is why she has chosen not to hide her gift but to share it with the world. Her desire is for others to come to Christ and heal one word at a time.  Her mission statement is to educate, empower, and build up women with faith-based content. Her writing has been well received by those who have supported her works.

As a woman after God's own heart,  she loves praying for other people and seeking the face of God for herself. Her motto is "there is no greater reflection to have than the image of God."  






Each one of these written works were placed in Teneille's belly to bring out the best in you. There is more to the story and the prayers than what meets the eyes. As you began to go on these different journeys with her, you will see hope surrounding you. Don't be afraid to change as each one of these works will provoke you to deal with things that will pull you closer to God.


Monthly Prayer booklet: Are you ready for a transformation in your life? I believe it is your time and season to go to another level in God and your prayer life! I created a mini Monthly Prayer booklet that will change your natural and spiritual life if you truly pray the prayers that God inspired me to write!


Pushed on Purpose living with depression: This book was a God-given assignment written mainly to share my deepest hurts in order to free me and  my readers. My story tackles the elephant in the room that no one dares to talk about, and that is an issue called mental health. There are very intimate moments in the pages of my book that I chose to bring to the light to shine on the darkness and remove the heaviness I felt so many nights. My heart and mission in writing this book was to show others that they are not fighting their battle alone despite how it may appear.


Prayer Journal: If you are a let your hair down type of person who has a desire to learn more about yourself and God, this prompted prayer journal is for you. I created this to walk someone through whatever they may be facing in life knowing that with God-all things truly are possible. So, it is up to you whether you want to take a journey of healing and growing closer to God. If you are seeking a relationship with God, journaling is the way to go. It shows you where you were, where you are, and where you are going!







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